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In 2013, Honey Farm introduced fruit to cannabis for the first time, and people loved it so much, we've decided to share our recipe and an abundance of these premium Humboldt County cannabis products with the world. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Sun-grown organically farmed lab-tested Humboldt County cannabis and certified-organic produce. No additives.

Preparation: Harvest organically farmed cannabis and produce, then employ low-temp processing to deliver robust yet smooth flavor along with true-to-flower effects.

Recipe 1 - Organic Fruit Infusion: Jam roughly two pounds of organic fruit-goodness and the best of ten grams of Humboldt County cannabis into a 1ml cartridge, then serve responsibly. What to expect: It's like hearkening back to a happy summertime moment when your farm-fresh favorite fruit exploded with flavor in your mouth at the exact moment a cool friend says, "Take a hit of this tasty Humboldt bud!". When those two magically nuanced experiences collide upon one's tongue and in the brain, the resulting synergies avail a magnificence that to some has been judged as worthy of endless devotion, and if mother-nature is with us all,  you might experience similar satisfaction through these efforts from our team and the greater Humboldt community.

Recipe 2 - Raw Cannabis: Daydream about popular or rare Sativas, Hybrids and Indicas you would love to experience for the first time or again. Call around to a bunch of old-school Humboldt family farmers who take sustainable farming seriously, and ask if any can help make your strain dreams come true, then acquire a ton of everything that's close to your target, but first make sure it's fresh, so the constituent profile has minimal time-related degradation. Cram as much as you can into the Waters SFE (Super Critical Fluid Extraction machine). Climb a really tall ladder, then                                                                    . What to expect: Because it's organically farmed cannabis, you'll first notice an earthiness and uncommonly smooth inhale, then the 300+ raw cannabis constituents including terpenes swarm your tongue and then your mind. At that moment, you'll realize why steaming THC clear is not the Honey Farm way, and hopefully you'll become a friend and believer forever.

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