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healthful, sustainable and purposeful


Forty years after Humboldt County gave the world sensimilla (seedless cannabis), the founder of Honey Farm mixed a juicy peach with some cannabis oil, and he instantly realized that the two go together like biscuits and gravy. Honey Farm has grown from there in 2013 to become a widely distributed craft-blended brand made exclusively from raw sustainably-farmed organically-grown Humboldt County cannabis, raw hand-picked certified-organic produce, and nothing else.


To be the leading consumer-drive cannabis company focused on wellness solutions, grounded in science and research that leverages our differentiated brand portfolio to deliver superior customer value.


We live these core values with our products, partners and customers.

Heritage - Respect, preserve and promote the proud history, values and community of Humboldt County.

Organic Farming - Supply goods that no chemical pesticides or fertilizers are employed in the farming and processing of source materials.

Sustainability - Create a minimal carbon footprint in the production of Honey Farm by practicing and improving upon sustainable farming and production techniques, while supporting suppliers adhering to similar standards.

Integrity - Demonstrate integrity, transparency, respect for diversity and a commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Leadership - Promote effective servant leadership focused on the growth and well-being of employees inspired by a purpose beyond themselves.

Responsibility -  Eliminate negative stigmas surrounding the cannabis industry by positively contributing to society and economics. Promote stewardship of the planet, the well-being of employees and the communities that we support.

Innovation - Challenge the status quo, explore and create innovative products grounded in science that revolutionize health and well-being.

Excellence - Deliver the best results in all aspects of our business, stand accountable and approach every challenge determined to succeed.

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